How the Super Rich Spend.

The world of the super rich maybe difficult for the general public to get their head around. What they spend on luxurious items, exceed what many of us of will earn in a lifetime, with price tags containing more digits than the hands of anyone born near Chernobyl this side of 1986.

The infographic below not only shows what the billionaires ‘must haves‘ are, to keep up appearances with their wealthy friends, but also how much they spend globally.


These purchases shouldn’t be too surprising. After all, we all see the private jets parked at airports, superyachts moored in various marinas and of course, swanky restaurants with waiting lists longer than a North Koreans life expectancy.

What is surprising is the amount of multi-billionaires spending money on these items. The Super-yacht industry, could be considered by many of us to be a niche market. The above stats would disagree, 8.7 billion is roughly the same sized market as online fashion retail in the UK.

Have a quick read through the infographic, it should serve and a nice way to introduce you to the people and products that I should be writing about on a regular basis.


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