Azzam: The Biggest SuperYacht Ever.


Every once in a while something comes along change the rule book. we’ve seen with cars, notably the Bugatti Veyron, which stands out like a sore thumb against all its competition. As does Azzam. It raises the benchmark and sets the precedent for all future mega-yachts.


Azzam is the biggest private super yacht ever built, but it may be more suitable to call it the first private cruise ship in existence. It dwarfs the second largest yacht, Roman Ambramovic’s now inappropriately named Eclipse; perhaps he should consider adding a ‘d’ onto the end of it’s name. Azzam is longer than a Royal Navy destroyer at over 500ft in length.


Azzam boasts a main saloon spanning an never-ending 29m, a bullet-proof master suite and of course, an anti-missile defence system. If you’d like to take Azzam for a spin ( it’s also the fastest superyacht ever, designed to achieve more than 32 knots) It is listed for charter. However, this listing has more to do with avoiding European taxes, than the owner wanting to share his new toy.


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