Abramovic’s Plan for Stamford Bridge

The three day exhibition was no surprise, it had been already outlined in a letter to local residents, stakeholders, members and season ticket holders; Abramovic’s grandiose scheme for his clubs home ground however, was.


As part of a 3-day exhibition at Stamford Bridge, Abramovic has revealed plans to redesign and expend the league champions home ground and make it ‘Cathedral of Football’.


It’s a fitting and well considered nickname for the project. Drafts show that the stadium will most likely be red brick, featuring flying buttresses and pillars more akin to the gothic architecture that you’d find on Westminster Abbey. Other mock ups show mid-20th Century structures smacking of Munich’s Olympic  Stadium.


Plans show that the South Stand will actually contain a replica of the historical bridge which once stood within the diocese of Westminster Abbey. Die-hard fans will be happy to know that the stadium will be accented with Chelsea’s original shape of blue.

It’s expected he will create a project management masterclass containing architects,Lifshitz Davidson Sandilands, stadium architects, Herzog and De Meuron, strategic planners, Aecom, railway and transportation specialists, WSP and structural engineers, Schlaich Bergermann and Partner.

Following this investment, it is expected Roman Abramovic will invest a further £500m into the club before passing the reigns over to his 21 year old son, Arkadiy.

Arkadiy and Roman at a Chelsea game in 2011.


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