Residence in Focus: Tour Odeon

It may stick out of the picturesque millionaires playground, Monaco like a sore thumb of a clumsy tradesman, but Tour odeon sets a precedent being the first large skyscraper in the principality.


Construction of the 560ft tower is now complete and the interior too, is now nearly finished. Most of the the privately owned apartments are kitted out to the highest quality with designers such a Studio Massari managing them.


However, the jewel of this project is the top floor penthouse, that will be by far the most luxurious. It will set the potential owner back £230million. This penthouse spans across 5 floors featuring a swimming pool and slide. It also offers a clear view of the Monegasque coastline while offering a certain amount of privacy for the owner, thanks to a large glass shield the swivels up the side of the edifice.


In 2009 Prince Albert over-ruled his predecessors choice of limited the amount of tall buildings in Monaco.


Like the look? There are still lots of apartments available, with only 25 of the 70 flats being sold.


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