Ready for a Luxury Tank



            Ripsaw EV2 (Extreme Vehicle 2) is one of the world’s most sought after high performance, luxury vehicles.  Originally designed and built for the military as a high speed super tank, its base platform the “Ripsaw” proved to be the fastest dual tracked vehicle ever developed, as it graced the covers of magazines such as Popular Science and won awards for invention of the year.   Since 2013, Howe and Howe Tech has spent thousands of man hours developing this cutting edge technology for the high end, luxury market.

The Peacemaker that was seen in the latest blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road was a modified version of the Ripsaw off the road vehicle from Howe and Howe Technologies in Maine USA. The difference being that the vehicle in the movie featured the body of a car on top of it and the military version comes open-topped. The…

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