“CASIO” Smartwatch history

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As we know, these days many companies are extremely interested about making wearable tech. The giant company so called “CASIO” joined the battle of smart watches long ago. Casio is showing off its rich history of unusual wristwatches. It’s a pretty amazing collection, with features you never knew existed in digital timepieces. And while many of these can be seen in a new light given the recent rise to prominence of smartwatches, Casio isn’t trying to claim that it was there first.

The Epic moments of CASIO by Verge.

  • The GMW-15, from 1989, had a graphic display to show moon phases and sunrise/sunset times.
  • Here’s a touchscreen watch from 1991, the VDB-1000. It included features like a phone book, organiser, calculator, and notepad.
  • Fitness tracking is one of the most important features in smartwatches today, but Casio’s JC-11 could monitor calories, steps, and distance back in 1991.
  • The BP-400, also…

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