6 Startups With the Most Humble Beginnings and the Greatest Successes

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They started with nothing. Now each of them has changed the world in some way. Take a break from your stressful day to be inspired by some of the biggest successes ever.

Almost every big business today began as a startup–Apple, Google, Starbucks, you name it. In the beginning, most of them also had a shoestring budget and little investor interest. In fact, they were probably at a disadvantage compared to today’s startups. Even 10 years ago (let alone 20 or 30), “angel investors,” “crowd funding,” and shows like “Shark Tank” were not well known or didn’t exist. Startups from long ago had to build a reputation and get investors the old-fashioned way–with almost no digital tech for help.

If you’re thinking of starting a company or you’re already knee-deep in the process, you could probably use a little inspiration. Check out these startups that truly “started from the bottom”–and…

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