The SONY Light Bulb Speaker

Dare to Innovate

Yes, you read that correctly.  SONY has launched a light bulb sony-btthat contains a Bluetooth speaker.  You can control the volume via an app on your smartphone, along with the brightness of the bulb.  According to SONY, the goal for this innovation was to make it easy to get audio equipment into locations in the home where it’s normally hard to put audio equipment.

While I don’t want to belittle the technological achievement of being able to combine these two products, it does remind me of the mash-up era we find ourselves where things are combined, it seems, for the sake of combining them (a la donuts being used as buns for a burger).  It’s flashy, arresting, and maybe even intriguing for some, but does it have “legs” for the long-term?  Does it really solve a problem consumers had before?

sony-bt-2In the age of smartphones with decent speakers, mini Bluetooth…

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