The Monetization of Centralized Bitcoin Services

Blockchain for the Billions

The Bitcoin industry continues to pick up steam as startups gather round after round of Venture Capital funding. To date over $317 million has been raised by startup companies in the space. The lions share of funds have gone to the biggest players that focus on universal bitcoin services (Coinbase, Circle), wallet services (Blockchain, Xapo), exchanges (Kraken, Bitstamp), mining (KNC Miner), API developers (Chain, Gem); the list goes on… Despite the tremendous amount of investment most companies are currently offering their services at little to no cost whatsoever… this has left many asking themselves; “how will these organizations eventually monetize their business?”

This conundrum is further instigated by Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, who was quoted earlier this month by stating:

“If you go on social media sites like Reddit, there are a lot of users speculating. But right now, possible business models are not things that we’re going to talk…

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